Laboratory Machines
Laboratory Machines

Laboratory Machines

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Laboratory Machines

Electrolux Professional sets the standard for washing and drying all over the world with an integrated system for laboratory testing.

LAB Dryer

The new Electrolux Professional LAB Dryer is specifically designed and developed to guarantee compliance with ISO 6330 standard.

Together with the Wascator reference washer it makes up an unbeatable duo: an integrated system for testing standards, fabrics and garments.

Since 1969

Since 1969, the well-known Wascator FOM71 CLS is the reference machine for washing performance tests in the appliance industry and for textile-testing.

Now, it has the perfect partner: the new LAB Dryer offers customers – such as textile producers, large retailers, fiber laboratories and testing houses – the same benefits in terms of durability, accuracy and reliability.

Laboratory Machines

Fulfilling the standards you need, within washing and drying

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